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Dunnville Community Theatre stages their performances in the
Dunnville Hunters and Anglers Club
and we thank them very much!
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DCT would like you to Meet our Board

Jordan Heron, Chair Jordan Heron, Chair
While already within spitting distance of retirement age, Jordan still can't decide what to do when he grows up.
Wandering from job to job, Jordan was excited to find out in midlife that just organizing things was an actual career. He has spent the last two decades as a certified information technology project manager in a variety of situations, from private sector to public.
When not working, the simple act of having a hobby fascinates Jordan. He has tried the more ordinary sports, like tennis and golf. They were fun, but they didn't last. Then he tried sword fighting. Then Morris dancing. Some home renovations. Then horses – trail riding, competitive jousting, quarterhorse racing, fox hunting, mounted shooting. Then parachuting. If it looks interesting, it should be tried. At least once.
Acting has been a staple for quite a few years in Jordan's life, dragged in kicking and screaming by his daughter. He started with Hamilton Urban Theatre (a Shakespearian troupe), then joined DCT a few years after he moved to Dunnville. Jordan also acts for TVs and movies, and has made some short films as actor, director, or producer. Travelling to film festivals has opened his eyes to how nice it is in Spain during the winter.
Jordan is the Chair of the Board of the DCT because he didn't say no quickly enough.
Diane Morris, Secretary Diane Morris, Secretary
Diane grew up in the Flamborough area as the youngest of 7 kids, (yes, 5 minutes younger than her twin sister). She now lives in Dunnville with her husband, and they have three awesome daughters and one terrific grand-daughter. Family is incredibly important to Diane as she enjoys any time she can get to spend with them.
She worked at African Lion Safari during summers and weekends throughout her highschool and college years. After graduating from Business Administration in college, she returned to the Safari in public relations, which she really enjoyed. Diane loves people! Moving on, she worked in several BIA's (Business Improvement Area), sales and now works with her husband running their family business, building residential homes.
Diane's energetic efforts in building new communities has made her realize the importance of good community living. Diane has lived in Dunnville for over 20 years and loves the sense of community she feels here. She believes that DCT is part of Dunnville's good community environment because they not only put on productions for Dunnville residents to enjoy but also bring in people from other areas to visit our town.
As a teenager, Diane worked backstage with the Dundas Little Theatre and has loved being part of live theatre ever since. She's been a part of Dunnville Community Theatre for 14 years, working both on-stage and off. She loves being on stage, being able to "become another person" escaping her busy everyday life for a while, but working off-stage and on other DCT projects is fun too. Presently, Diane is the Secretary of the Board and is working on updating its membership list. She encourages everyone to contact the DCT to find out how much fun being part of this community group can be!
Claire Vanden Pol, Treasurer Claire Vanden Pol, Treasurer
Claire is a mechanical engineering technician. She was the only woman in a class of 22 mature students. As 1 of only 8 in her class to graduate, she managed to do it with honour, while helping to pave the way for more women to break into fields with technical applications. She also holds certificates in Industrial Engineering, (her favorite type of work), Software Applications for Business, and Web Master, (she does not enjoy this).
Claire has worked in the electronics, garment, water treatment and automotive industries. She also ran her own business as an Administrative Specialist travelling with heavy equipment crews on maintenance projects. Her hobbies include live theatre, home renovations, goofing off and giving vent to her wildly opinionated views by writing letters to "the editor" when something really infuriates her. She's so opinionated she even had the nerve to say something about David Suzuki .
Odd things about Claire are her need to compile & analyze data and her apparent requirement to move at least once every 6 years (because by then all the renovations are done).
She also has an impressive obsessive compulsiveness which she refuses to acknowledge as a disorder because she is just not that comfortable with disorder. This has helped tremendously in her efforts to pull together DCT's financial paperwork and compile, analyze and digitize years of financial information.
Her friends will tell you she is creative, funny, kind and supportive. Her 2 wonderful sons will tell you she is hilariously irreverent, she has a bizarre love of puns, she does not tolerate bullies and she is more than a little nuts. They will also tell you she cannot drive without swearing. Also, she makes great potato salad.
Her non friends won't tell you anything because they're all jerks and are a little afraid of her.
Claire has been a member of Dunnville Community Theatre for many years and highly recommends it as a fun, fascinating club which offers opportunities for self-expression, learning, joy and comradery.
Ellie Bloomfield, Board Member Ellie Bloomfield, Board Member
Ellie was born and raised in Kenora, earned a BA in English at Queen's, then worked in Toronto as a secretary at a magazine and an insurance company before going back to Queen's for her B.Ed. She returned to Northwestern Ontario, accepting a job at Dryden High School as part of her 'five year plan'. Ever the procrastinator (she prefers to think of it as 'reaching critical mass'), she retired 28 1/2 years later, having taught primarily Drama, Grades 9 - 13. For six of those years, she was out of the classroom, serving as the school's literacy coach. As drama club advisor, she lost count of the number of musicals and plays she directed. Her column on books and reading, 'From the Comfy Chair', appeared weekly in the local newspaper for six years.
Ellie came to Dunnville shortly after retiring in 2016, as her husband was moving here to begin a new job, and she loves him. She landed a role with DCT before finding a place to live. She also picked up a guitar, but has yet to achieve rock star status. Ellie is a citizen of the Metis Nation, an INFJ (Myers-Briggs), and a quilter. Her favourite novel is Watership Down, her favourite sound is breeze-blown poplar leaves, and her favourite children are her own two daughters. The landscape of her heart is the lichen-covered granite outcroppings of the Canadian Shield, "strength broken by strength".
Kathryn Stengel, Board Member Kathryn Stengel, Board Member
Kathryn has been a member of the Dunnville Community Theatre since 2011 where she made her debut as Frances in Jenny's House of Joy. Since then, she has performed in multiple plays as well as Directed. So how did it all begin? Well.....around the age of 8. Her Grandmother Jessie Cripps thought she was funny and talented and one day "should be on stage!". They spent a lot of time watching her Grandmothers favourite shows, Lawrence Welk, Hollywood Squares, All in the Family and The Carol Burnette Show. Since Kathryn loved to tap dance, she would have her perform in front her friends & neighbours to her favourite Lawrence Welk tunes while wearing Jessie's favourite sun hat! Kathryn dreamed of being the next Bobby & Sissy, Lawrence's favourite dancing couple! She then quickly discovered she had a talent for imitating her Grandmothers favourite stars on the television. Her first was Paul Lynde ~ centre square of Hollywood squares! "Oh please do him again" she would say. Although Jessie passed many years ago Kathryn continues to bring her Grandmothers photo to all of her performances, often tucked away on the set or beside her script.
Kathryn found herself at a young age studying characters, observing their moves, their voices, their accents and became intrigued with the art of making people laugh. Kathryn's passion was always the Arts but her shyness and lack of confidence during her teen years made for a difficult journey. She then met Tony Forsey her Grade 9-12 Art Teacher. He recognized that her shyness lack of confidence and fear was holding her back. He told her that she had the ability of doing or achieving anything she wanted in life! His 4 years of mentorship helped shape her into the woman she is today which is why she dedicates all of her performances to him.
Kathryn grew up, became a Registered Nurse and had a beautiful daughter Selina who she is so very proud of. Although Kathryn can't be on stage all the time, that doesn't stop her from imitating her colleagues (she swears she is NOT making fun of them) or tap dancing down the halls of Haldimand War Memorial Hospital. She loves to blend her passions together!
Kathryn reflects on the words of Paul Lynde "We live in a world that needs laughter, and I've decided if I can make people laugh, I'm making an important contribution. So Kathryn's message to you is: "My scars tell a story, they are a reminder of when life tried to break me, but failed. Be courageous in anything you do in life. Afraid to try something new? Fight the fear and do it anyways. Make others smile and oh.....and BE a Tony Forsey!"
Tery Lebel, Board Member Tery Lebel, Board Member
Like every kid growing up in Montreal, Tery did-occasionally- fantasize about becoming an actor but it never grew into the passion and madness that aviation did.   Air Cadets, Air Force, jets and helicopters all had their part to play while he waited to grow up and move down to your Sunny South. Tery did several tours overseas (nowhere you would want to visit, still) and even did a stint with The Snowbirds – you know those folks in the red and white jets who think that fast, close and upside-down is very cool. By now the snow banks back in Tery's home town are 8 feet high and he is having no trouble at all getting accustomed to this milder climate.
With the move came new connections, like being a volunteer pilot at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, and, of course, new friends. Chief amongst them is Kathryn Stengel who has become an integral and very important part of his life. Kathryn is also the reason you have now seen him on stage as a woman and with his pants off.
They were having breakfast at Flyer's (Great bacon!) when Kat (as they like to call her) asked him if he would audition for the upcoming play. "Not a chance!" he shot back, "wouldn't be any good" ,"don't be silly", "too embarrassing", he ran on. It took a few minutes for her to set up the ambush but eventually Kat asked "And what do you think of the folks that do go on stage?". He had forgotten how smart and skillful Kat is. "Well I think they should be very proud of themselves and applauded for their courage." The trap was sprung and Kat just barely bothered to look up from her eggs while he realized he was swinging gently in the breeze at the end of her rope. If you like what you see, his name is Tery Lebel, if you don't then blame the Kat.
Everett Beamsley, Board Member Everett Beamsley, Board Member
Everett is by far the shyest and therefor the wisest of us all. He is so shy in fact that we do not know what he did for a living. We have guessed many things from the little we have gleaned; Cowboy, Astronaut, Financial Consultant, Carpenter, Mayor… but all our guesses fall to not as he just smiles and waves his hand to let us know it's none of our business. Everett is always there when you need him and that's just one of the things we love about him. When he smiles it seems like he has a secret that you can only wish you knew because he's never going to tell. Everett is a consummate good sport and has been with us for so long time we couldn't imagine DCT without him.
Stephanie Campbell-Heron Stephanie Cambell-Heron, Board Member
Stephanie is one of our local veterinarians. Her good nature and high sense of humour make her a welcome part of DCT. Between her business, her studying and her many hobbies, Stephanie keeps very busy and we are lucky to have even a little of her time.
Stephanie's musician mother was a little appalled to have a toddler daughter who would, left on her own, run up and hug the legs of strange horses. Luckily horses are usually kind, and so she has survived to take lessons as a child, as an adult, and got her first horse in 1998, a very brave mare who was Stephanie's partner through parades, tournaments, and adventures with toboggans. Stephanie and her husband bought a farm in the Canborough area in 2007 and continue pushing the tolerance of their horses with horseback archery, sidesaddle riding, jousting, along with more mainstream pursuits.
Veterinary medicine is a second career for Stephanie, who spent 13 years teaching anatomy at McMaster University. After attending Ontario Veterinary School, Stephanie spent some time doing mixed practice in Northern Ontario, and now comes back to Ontario from practicing in the US doing veterinary work with sport horses. Stephanie is excited to bring her love of teaching all things medical to the personal level between vet and client.
Stephanie calls 3 of the 7 horses on her property her own. She mostly Rides to Hounds, jousts, and does basic dressage with them. She also has two retired foxhounds and a Bengal cat named Kipling.
Stephanie supports her husband Jordan's interest in Dunnville Community Theatre and occasionally get roped in, by him, to take a roll on-stage and on committees. She is hard pressed to say which she likes best.
Chris Alford, Board Member Chris Alford, Board Member
Chris was born and raised in Delightfully Dashing Dunnville, where he attended various schools to eventually become a graduate of Dunnville Secondary School. He then went on to earn his master's degree at the prestigious University of Wabasso. From there, Chris has gained much life experience from working with well-known companies in town managing and working in the nursery business, building houses and custom-built staircases to being recognized near and far for his time spent at our local Hardware store and Building Centre.
Anyone who knows Chris also knows where his true passion lies. He owns a homebased recording studio named Isle of Sound that has evolved over the past 11 years. It not only offers recording of musicians who wish to live their dream but also provides services to businesses with On Hold messages, in-store commercials and music. Many would have seen him provide his talent to the DCT providing sound effects, regulating the microphones and music. His first stint with the DCT was "The Red Velvet Cake Wars" and he hasn't looked back. He certainly has added a whole new experience to live theatre. Chris is always putting the client or customer first to ensure they're happy with every outcome.
When not in his studio, Chris' hobbies are listening to an eclectic selection of music from smooth Jazz to Classic Rock. He's been seen all over town on his prized possession, his 21-speed bike. Any chance he gets, he hits the road and uses it for getting back and forth to work but enjoys it mostly for pleasure and exercise. Chris is happily married for 30 years and has a 27-year-old son and 18-year-old daughter. Chris and his wife have gained another daughter, right now in name only but hopefully in the near future will be able to make it official once time heals and corrects itself with the pandemic.
Chris has been part of service clubs in the community of Dunnvile. He's been a member of the Lion's Club and is serving on the board for the Lifespan Centre at the Dunnville Arena. A proud member of the community for nearly 57 years and grateful to continue to serve the town of Dunnville.